Hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for the high demands in the construction industry.


Pumps are VORTEX pumps. VORTEX pumps are designed especially for dirty water with even very large solids. They have less wear on the impeller due to the Vortex design.


Hydraulic pumps may run dry all Day without breaking down.


The impeller at top sets the water in a circular movement and by centrifugal force a centre of air shaped like a cone will occur.

This way there is very little contact between the water and the impeller, and wear is greatly reduced compared to other types of pumps. In other types of pumps the water is pumped directly by the impeller, which is therefore worn much faster.


Pumps of the special VORTEX design have longer life and can pump larger solids.

The pumps have a very big capacity – up to 204m3 per hour.

Can be connected to power packs or excavators, trucks, tractors, etc.

HWP4 water pump.jpg

The H4 water pump is in a class of its own. With a capacity of up to 204,000 liters per hour it can be used even in ground water lowering applications, where usually much bigger and extremely expensive pumps are being used.

Paired with for inance our 11 kW electric powerpacks it is a heavy duty solution with remarkable cost reductions compared with other pumping systems.

It will work all day every day. And can run dry without breaking.


Technical Data

Oil flow, l.p.m.20-34

Max. pressure, bar172

Weight, kg26.7

Capacity/hour, m³204

Solids, mmup to ø74

Max head, m14

HWP2 water pump_no background.png

The H3 water pump weighing only 11 kg has a capacity up to 80,000 liters per hour making it extremely powerful compared to weight.

Even though a 3” pump, the outside diameter is only 30 cm making it suitable for many applications, even in narrow spaces.

The VORTEX design ensures long lifetime and no downtime even in the demanding construction business.


Technical Data

Oil flow, l.p.m.20-30

Max. pressure, bar172

Weight, kg11

Capacity/hour, m³80

Solids, mmup to ø63

Max head, m22

HWP3 water pump.jpg

Although small and light the H2 water pump can pump up to 46,000 liters per hour.

The outside diameter is only 23.8 cm making it ideal for manholes etc. where space is tight.

Because it is a VORTEX pump it is not affected by dirty water and solids. In construction, heavy duty pumps are a must to secure no downtime on the jobsite.


Technical Data

Oil flow, l.p.m.20-30

Max. pressure, bar172

Weight, kg7.7

Capacity/hour, m³46

Solids, mmup to ø38

Max head, m28