COMER E21- E23

for cutting light building materials. Suitable for modifications, openings, adjustments and restoration.
COMER E21, E23electric manual saws for building works are the result of COMER experience in the field of dry cutting of all kinds of light building bricks.
A safe and reliable tool they ensure a fast and precise cutting work, without dust or material waste, leaving the cut edge ready to be laid, without any waste of material.
COMER Electric saws are particularly designed to cut in mortar joints, for door and window openings and for room finishing or anywhere an immediate operation in the building
site is required, on bricks such as Poroton and Alveolater, Gasbeton, Ytong, Siporex, Eraclit, Tuffs and expanded cellular concretes or similar.
The low number of revolutions prevents dangerous recoils.

E21 and Chain STRONG cutting italian stone "Pietra leccese"

  • POWER: 230 V - 50 Hz.

  • Motor: single-phase double insulation

  • RPMi: 2.150 g/1".

  • Dimensions: 880x190x320 mm.

  • Weight: 7 kg.


To see it working with STRONG chain and how to use it, watch the video (LECA THERMIC ALSO)

Other cuttings with the chainsaw and STRONG chain